AWSalesforceInterface for ManFact

Turnkey Price: $25,000

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AWSalesforceInterface is the perfect solution for ManFact users who are running Salesforce or are planning to run Salesforce. Salesforce is a great product but without the key integration with ManFact you are getting less than half the benefit. AWSalesforceInterface includes initial loads of historical information as well as automatic updates for new/updated information.

AWSalesforceInterface integration from ManFact to Salesforce:

1 ManFact Customer Master information integrated with Salesforce Accounts
2 ManFact Customer Contacts information integrated with Salesforce Contacts
3 ManFact Item Master information integrated with Salesforce Products
4 ManFact Quotes (Header & Detail) information integrated with Salesforce Quotes
5 ManFact Sales Orders (Header & Detail) information integrated with Salesforce Sales Orders
6 ManFact Invoices (Header & Detail) information integrated with Salesforce Invoices

AWSalesforceInterface integration from Salesforce to ManFact:

1 Salesforce Accounts information integrated with ManFact Customer Master
2 Salesforce Contacts integrated with ManFact Customer Contacts
3 Salesforce Quotes integrated with ManFact Quotes (Header & Detail)

$25,000 Turnkey Price

For the price of $25,000, AWSalesforceInterface provides your company with two way integration with ManFact and Salesforce. The $25,000 price includes all services for Installation, Setup, Pilot Reviews and Go-Live. And best of all, AWSalesforceInterface works with any release of ManFact, even if you have customization.

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