AWWebStore for UniVerse and UniData

Turnkey Price: $16,500

Real-Time Web Storefront

AWWebStore will enable your company's Web site to process orders for your UniVerse or UniData system. With AWWebStore your Customers, Distributors, Consumers, and even Employees (on behalf of a Customer) will be able to purchase products on-line through a streamlined Web interface. And because AWWebStore does Real-Time validations when the order is being placed you can rest assured that only accurate orders will be updated into your UniVerse or UniData system.


1 Responsive Design - runs on all devices
2 Works with all releases of UniVerse and UniData
3 Company logo, color scheme, styling and navigation is matched to your Corporate Branding
4 Complete support for B2B, B2C, and Employees
5 Pricing displayed by AWWebStore is done in Real-Time (i.e. customer specific as you have it setup in your UniVerse or UniData system)
6 All Web orders go into your UniVerse or UniData system in Real-Time and also execute all of the business logic
7 Order confirmations are automatically emailed to the user who placed the order
8 The Web screens perform Real-Time validation of all information entered so only accurate and valid orders are processed into your UniVerse or UniData system
9 Supports Saved Carts, Favorites, and even the ability to auto-upload order information
10 Product Detail Pages including display of "Associated Products" for Upselling
11 Employees can use AWWebStore to place orders "on behalf" of Customers

$16,500 Turnkey Price

For the turnkey price of $16,500 AWWebStore includes everything needed for your company's Web site to provide Real-Time E-Commerce Integration to your UniVerse or UniData system.

Product Navigation

This screen is an example showing one type of product navigation. AdvancedWare always adapts the pages to match the navigation and styling that works best for your company. In this example the user can navigate via the left hand menu as well as by clicking on the picture that represents the product category.

Product Listings

The screen below shows the products available for sale within the product category selected. A key feature of AWWebStore is that the pricing displayed comes right out of your UniVerse or UniData system and is specific to the customer connected to the Web Site. Note: If a Consumer is shopping on the site then they will see Retail Prices.

Product Details

If the user would like to see additional details about a particular product they can click on it and the detail page below is shown. This page will have multiple images of the product along with much more detail information on the product. Note: This page will also display any "Associated" products for Upselling.


The Check Out screen is shown below. Credit Card purchases, Shipment Method (including Real-Time shipment prices for UPS and/or FedEx), and Special Instructions for the order are just a few of the features available on this screen. Note: As soon as the user clicks on the Submit Order button, a fully integrated Sales Order is processed into your UniVerse or UniData System in Real-Time. In fact if you have any customization in your order entry function, AWWebStore will execute this logic as well.

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