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AdvancedWare Solutions and Services for MANAGE 2000
As an MANAGE 2000 user, you know that expertise on the product really counts. At AdvancedWare we have the expertise with MANAGE 2000 that you are looking for with over 15 years of experience working with the MANAGE 2000 product. AdvancedWare provides a wide variety of solutions as well as Programming Services, Upgrades and Integration Services to meet your needs. Please have a look at the list of products below and/or for details/demonstration.

Real-Time Web Storefront for MANAGE 2000
AWWebStore will enable your company's Web site to process Real-Time Orders for your MANAGE 2000 business system. With AWWebStore, Customers, Distributors and Consumers will be able to purchase your products on-line via a streamlined Web interface. And because AWWebStore does Real-Time validations when the order is being placed, you can rest assured that only accurate orders will be updated into your business system. Smartphones, tablets - it all works with AWWebStore!

Real-Time Web Portal for MANAGE 2000
AWWebPortal will enable your company's Web site to access information directly from your MANAGE 2000 business application. In fact, with AWWebPortal, the access is Real-Time so your Customers, Suppliers, Distributors and Employees (with the proper security of course) will always see the latest information available via their favorite browser. Sales Order Status, Shipment Information, RMA Tracking are all provided with AWWebPortal. Smartphones, tablets - it all works with AWWebPortal!!

Real-Time Web Quoting Solution for MANAGE 2000
AWWebQuoting will provide your Employees and Reps the ability to easily generate high quality professional quotes to your Customers and Prospects. AWWebQuoting is completely Browser based and is Responsive so your Employees and Reps can generate the quotes from any device such as a Smartphone or Tablet. AWWebQuoting’s Real-Time integration with MANAGE 2000 is built in so Customer information and Pricing (including Customer Specific pricing) is fully available without any additional setup. The quote output is a high-quality PDF document ready to be sent to your Customer or Prospect. Quotes can be updated as needed via AWWebQuoting and all of your quote history is tracked to make sure you stay on top of closing the sale.

Barcode Solutions for MANAGE 2000
AdvancedWare’s comprehensive line of Barcode Computing Solutions let you use a wireless handheld device (with a built in bar code scanner) to perform a variety of functions for your MANAGE 2000 system. These functions include the ability to handle Shipping, Receiving, Material Movements/Labor Tracking, Work Order Picking, and Cycle Counting/Physical Inventory. And best of all, the transactions are always performed in MANAGE 2000 in Real-Time. All of our solutions include an easy to use graphical interface where any information can be entered or scanned.

Electronic Forms for MANAGE 2000
MANAGE 2000 users can now upgrade to the latest electronic forms technology. Because AWForms are created as Microsoft Word documents, you can literally have the most advanced and professional forms in the world. Email in PDF or Word format, Print, Automatically Archive, and faxing are all available with AWForms. Barcodes (39, 128, UPC, 2 Dimensional) on the Forms and Barcoded labels are a snap with AWForms. How about the form document having pictures of your products - it all works great with AWForms.

Automated Sales Tax Integration for MANAGE 2000
AWSalesTax fully automates the tax calculation process for your MANAGE 2000 system. Sales Taxes are constantly changing which drives the need for an automated system that will always apply the correct tax to the sale. With AWSalesTax the calculations are performed for you automatically whenever you enter a Sales Order into your MANAGE 2000 system. In fact, not only does AWSalesTax determine the correct tax, it also automatically creates the needed codes in the MANAGE 2000 system. And what’s more, AWSalesTax will automatically re-verify the rate at the time of Invoice so if the tax rate changes between the time you take the Order and when you Ship/Invoice the Order, the correct tax rate will be applied.

Business Intelligence Reporting for MANAGE 2000
AWSalesReports provides Business Intelligence Reporting for your MANAGE 2000 system. AWSalesReports is browser based and works great on PCs, Smartphones, iPads (and other tablets). AWSalesReports makes it easy to "slice and dice" a wide variety of Sales Information from your MANAGE 2000 system. With AWSalesReports you can view "Big Picture" information or drill into the details with a few clicks of the mouse. Imagine using a graphical browser interface to quickly and easily review Sales Information for Regions, Sales Reps, Product Lines, Customers, Specific Products, and more. Exports to Excel, Graphs, its all there with AWSalesReports!

Ad Hoc Reporting for MANAGE 2000
AWReportBuilder makes it easy for users to create their own Ad Hoc reports. MANAGE 2000 is a great ERP system but sometimes generating reports can be a challenge – The solution is AWReportBuilder from AdvancedWare. AWReportBuilder is great for both IT Professionals and End Users. AWReportBuilder can run the Ad Hoc reports against the live data or against cached data that is updated periodically. Performance really counts when running Ad Hoc reports and AWReportBuilder delivers.

PCI Compliant Credit Card Integration for MANAGE 2000
Fully automated and secure processing of Credit Card transactions right from within your MANAGE 2000 system. When you enter an Order into MANAGE 2000, AWCreditCard will automatically validate the Card Information and perform the Authorization Transaction for the amount of the Order. When you do the Shipment/Invoice transaction in MANAGE 2000, AWCreditCard will automatically perform the Capture Transaction which charges the Card for the actual Invoice amount. AWCreditCard performs these functions without ever storing any Credit Card information which is critical for PCI Compliance.

Integration with UPS WorldShip and MANAGE 2000
AWUPSInterface automatically loads from your MANAGE 2000 system all the information required by UPS WorldShip for a shipment. Once you complete the shipment in the UPS WorldShip system, all the information such as Shipment Cost, Total Weight, Number of Packages, and Tracking Number(s) are then automatically loaded into your MANAGE 2000 system. AWUPSInterface streamlines the shipment process and eliminates errors caused by having to maintain redundant customer address information.

Integration with FedEx Ship Manager and MANAGE 2000
AWFedExInterface automatically loads from your MANAGE 2000 system all the information required by FedEx for a shipment. Once you complete the shipment in the FedEx system, all the information such as Shipment Cost, Total Weight, Number of Packages, and Tracking Number(s) are then automatically loaded into your MANAGE 2000 system. AWFedExInterface streamlines the shipment process and eliminates errors caused by having to maintain redundant customer address information.

MANAGE 2000 Shipping Queue for Monitors, iPhones, Smartphones, iPads, and Tablets
AWShippingQueue gives you constant visibility of your MANAGE 2000 Shipments. The AWShippingQueue display can be viewed on device including Large Monitors, PCs, iPhone/Smartphones, and iPad/Tablets. Shipments are critical to your company and you can use AWShippingQueue to stay right on top of them. You can sort the Displayed information by Priority, Ship Date, Customer, Revenue Amount, etc. The information displayed automatically refreshes so you constantly see current information. And best of all, you can run AWShippingQueue on an unlimited number of devices and it works with any release of MANAGE 2000, even if you have customization.

MANAGE 2000 Integration Services (including .NET Web Services)
Now is the time to integrate your MANAGE 2000 system with "best of breed" products available in the market. Why not use Real-Time Web Services to integrate MANAGE 2000 with a Freight Quoting system, or CRM solution, or your Web Site. The opportunities are endless on the solutions you can take advantage of without losing the key integration with MANAGE 2000. AdvancedWare specializes in Real-Time Web Services integration with MANAGE 2000 and we will make sure your integration projects are a success.

MANAGE 2000 XML Integration
With AWXML, your company will be able to automatically exchange XML transactions with your customers which are fully integrated with your MANAGE 2000 system. Processing transactions via XML is a very efficient way of doing business and with AWXML it’s easy because the integration with MANAGE 2000 is built in. AWXML handles a variety of transactions including incoming Orders from your Customers, and Distributors. And because AWXML does Real-Time validations you can rest assured that only accurate Orders will be updated into your MANAGE 2000 system.

MANAGE 2000 Customer Address Validation
Real-Time Address Validations for all of your MANAGE 2000 customer addresses.
Increase Customer Service and Save Money - With AWValidateAddress you won't have any more delays or costs associated with returned shipments from your customers due to address problems. In today’s world, customers expect technology like this to get it right the 1st time!

MANAGE 2000 Automatic Emails
AWMail lets you automatically send email to any email address based upon an event occurring in MANAGE 2000. AWMail features include attachments, html formatting, carbon copies and blind carbon copies. AWMail works with any release of MANAGE 2000.

MANAGE 2000 Programming Services Enhancements
When it comes to enhancing your MANAGE 2000 system, AdvancedWare's team has the experts. And this expertise really comes in handy because making changes to MANAGE 2000 needs to be done carefully. Whether you have a small modification, or you need a complete subsystem written, AdvancedWare is the place to get it done quickly and easily.

Electronic Forms in Chinese, Vietnamese, etc
AWInternational will enable your company to generate documents from your MANAGE 2000 System in any language that your business needs. Included with AWInternational are the translation screens and form output routines so that Purchase Orders, Invoices, Sales Orders, etc can be generated in Chinese, Vietnamese, or any other language required. And guess what - it's flexible and easy to use.
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