AWSalesTax for MANAGE 2000

Turnkey Price: $7,500

Automated Sales Tax Solution

AWSalesTax fully automates the tax calculation process for your MANAGE 2000 system. Sales Taxes are constantly changing which drives the need for an automated system that will always apply the correct tax to the sale. With AWSalesTax the calculations are performed for you automatically whenever you enter a Sales Order into your MANAGE 2000 system. In fact, not only does AWSalesTax determine the correct tax, it also automatically creates the needed codes in the MANAGE 2000 system. And what’s more, AWSalesTax will automatically re-verify the rate at the time of Invoice so if the tax rate changes between the time you take the Order and when you Ship/Invoice the Order the correct tax rate will be applied. And best of all with AWSalesTax you don’t need to pre-load or maintain any tables on your system because AWSalesTax uses Real-Time Web Services Technology to calculate the taxes. What this means is when you enter the Order or generate the Invoice in MANAGE 2000 AWSalesTax automatically does a Real-Time calculation to determine the correct tax rates.

Features of AWSalesTax

1 All tax calculations are Real-Time via Web Services so there is no need to maintain/update tax tables on your system.
2 Tax calculations are done both at the time of entering an Order and re-verified at the time of Shipment/Invoice generation.
3 All of the required codes are automatically generated in the MANAGE 2000 System.
4 AWSalesTax works with any release of MANAGE 2000 even if you have customization.

$7,500 Turnkey Price

For the turnkey price of $7,500 AWSalesTax includes all software and services for your company to be up and running live. There is no limit on the number of users and/or calculations that AWSalesTax performs and AWSalesTax works with all MANAGE 2000 releases. The $7,500 price includes all integration services even if you have customization.

The screen below illustrates the flow of AWSalesTax

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