AWMail for ManFact

Price: $500

Automatic Emails from ManFact

AWMail lets you automatically send emails based upon an event occurring in your ManFact system. AWMail features include attachments, carbon copies and blind carbon copies as well as html formatted emails.

Examples of how AWMail can be used:

1 Automatically email customers whenever products are shipped to them (and why not include the link to the carriers web site with the tracking number included)
2 Automatically email the credit manager whenever a large order is put on hold (and why not include the customers previous order information)
3 Automatically email collection letters to customers that are overdue (and why not vary the message based upon how much they owe)
4 Automatically email the CEO & VP of Sales whenever an order is booked that is over $200,000 (and why not include the name of the sales person who booked the order)

$500 Turnkey Price

For the turnkey price of $500 AWMail includes all software and services for your company to be up and running live. There is no limit on the number of users and/or emails generated and AWMail works with all ManFact releases. The $500 price includes all installation and setup services. We will even setup the 1st automatic email for you.

Shipment Email Example

Here is an example of AWMail sending shipment details to the customer when shipments take place in ManFact

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