Integration Services for DataFlo
Integration Services for DataFlo

Companies are taking advantage of the abundance best of breed products which can be integrated with DataFlo. In many cases the integration with DataFlo is Real-Time using Web Services and that's AdvancedWare's sweet spot of expertise. AdvancedWare has the expertise to do Real-Time integration both "into" and "out of" DataFlo.

Integration Services Examples for DataFlo

1. iPhone (Smartphone) and iPad (Tablet) Real-Time information from DataFlo such as Order Status, Customer Information, Shipments, etc.

2. Automatic Real-Time Address Validations during DataFlo Sales Order Processing and Customer Maintenance.

3. Real-Time integration to/from DataFlo and CRM Systems like

4. Having your DataFlo forms (PO, Sales Order, etc.) in other languages including the tricky languages like Chinese.

5. Freight Quoting from the DataFlo Shipment Screens for LTL Carriers like FedEx Freight, SAIA, etc.

6. Secure Credit Card processing for DataFlo: Automatically validate the Card and Reserve the Funds at Order Entry and Automatically Capture the funds at Shipment/Invoice. All without storing any Credit Card information in DataFlo which is important for PCI Compliance.

7. From DataFlo read and write from real Excel files (not tab delimited) - Real Excel files.

When it comes to integrating best of breed products with your DataFlo system we hope you will give AdvancedWare the opportunity to show you what we can do.
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