AWSalesTax for DataFlo

Turnkey Price: $5,500

ACH Solution for DataFlo

Pay your Suppliers with fully automated ACH transactions generated right from your DataFlo system. ACH electronic payments are much more efficient and don’t have the fraud risks that paper checks have. Also, with the AWACH solution you can have a mixture of Suppliers paid via ACH and Suppliers paid via Paper Checks.

Here is how AWACH works

1 AWACH fields are added to DataFlo to flag the Supplier to use ACH payments, and also for the additional ACH information required.
2 You will keep the control that you have now in DataFlo to determine which payments (either ACH or Check) will be made to the Suppliers.
3 You then run the normal Check Printing process in DataFlo. Paper Checks will continue to print for non-ACH Suppliers. For the Suppliers that are flagged for ACH payments, the system will generate the appropriate ACH file and automatically transmit it. Note: The ACH file generated will be in the format required by your specific bank.
4 Your Suppliers who receive the ACH payments will also automatically get an email with the specifics of the ACH payment being made (Amount, Invoices paid, etc).

$5,500 Turnkey Price

For the turnkey price of $5,500 AWACH includes all software and services for your company to be up and running live. There is no limit on the number of users and AWACH works with all DataFlo releases. The $5,500 price includes all integration services even if you have customization.

The screen below illustrates the flow of AWACH

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