AWWebConfig for Epicor Kinetic

Price: $16,500

Storefront Web Configurator Epicor Kinetic

AWWebConfig enables your Customers, Distributors, Consumers, and even Employees (on behalf of a Customer) to purchase Configured Products via the Web. AWWebConfig is integrated with the Epicor Kinetic Configurator in Real-Time. Therefore, users via the Web, can click on Models (i.e., setup in Epicor Kinetic as products that go through the configurator) they would like to purchase. When they select one of these Models, AWWebConfig in Real-Time displays all of the Model Options (rules, pricing, screen prompts, etc) from the Epicor Kinetic configurator.

$16,500 Turnkey Price

For the turnkey price of $16,500 AWWebConfig is the perfect add on to AWWebStore to enable your Customers to purchase Configured Products via the Web. The $16,500 price includes all installation and integration services to have you up and running live.

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