Integration Services for Epicor 9
Integration Services for Epicor 9

Companies are taking advantage of the abundance best of breed products which can be integrated with Epicor 9. In many cases the integration with Epicor 9 is Real-Time using Web Services and that's AdvancedWare's sweet spot of expertise. AdvancedWare has the expertise to do Real-Time integration both "into" and "out of" Epicor 9.

Integration Services Examples for Epicor 9

1. iPhone (Smartphone) and iPad (Tablet) Real-Time information from Epicor 9 such as Order Status, Customer Information, Shipments, etc.

2. Automatic Real-Time Address Validations during Epicor 9 Sales Order Processing and Customer Maintenance.

3. Freight Quoting from the Epicor 9 Shipment Screens for LTL Carriers like FedEx Freight, SAIA, etc.

5. Secure Credit Card processing for Epicor 9: Automatically validate the Card and Reserve the Funds at Order Entry and Automatically Capture the funds at Shipment/Invoice. All without storing any Credit Card information in Epicor 9 which is important for PCI Compliance.

When it comes to integrating best of breed products with your Epicor 9 system we hope you will give AdvancedWare the opportunity to show you what we can do.
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