AWmStockQuery&Move for DataFlo

Price: $8,500

Mobile Barcode Stock Query and Move Application for DataFlo

With AWmStockQuery&Move your users will have the ability to quickly and accurately perform Stock Movements by simply scanning the information on a Wireless Mobile Device. Also, users can scan an item and easily view critical information on the product including On-Hand & Available Quantities for one or more Inventory Locations. The ability to see details for Bins, Lots and Serial Numbers is built in as well. AWmStockQuery&Move is fully integrated with the DataFlo system and all information & transactions happen in Real-Time. The simple graphical interface in AWmStockQuery&Move is both fast and easy. You are going to be amazed at the accuracy and efficiency you will achieve with AWmStockQuery&Move!

$8,500 Turnkey Price

For the turnkey price of $8,500 AWmStockQuery&Move includes all software and services for your company to be up and running live. There is no limit on the number of users and AWmStockQuery&Move works with all DataFlo releases. The $8,500 price includes all integration services even if you have customization.

Performing Stock Movement

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