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AdvancedWare Presents AWXML for Avanté
With AWXML your company will be able to automatically exchange XML transactions with your customers which are fully integrated with your Avanté business system. Processing transactions via XML is a very efficient way of doing business. And with AWXML it’s easy because the integration with Avanté is built in. AWXML handles a variety of transactions including incoming Orders from your Customers, Distributors and even Web Marketplaces. And because AWXML does Real-Time validations you can rest assured that only accurate Orders will be updated into your Avanté system.

Features of AWXML:
1. All XML transactions are automatically integrated into your Avanté system so no manual processing is required.

2. Incoming XML Orders are processed in Real-Time and Confirmations are automatically transmitted to your Customer in Real-Time.

3. With AWXML the Orders processed will execute all of your business rules that you have in place for Avanté. This will insure that all orders processed into your system are fully validated.

4. AWXML logs all transactions and the Real-Time validation routines will even automatically email you if any issues with the transaction occur such as the Customer transmitting an invalid Part Number.

$7,500 Turnkey Price - Complete Solution
For the turnkey price of $7,500 AWXML includes all software and services for your company to be up and running live. There is no limit on the number of Transactions that AWXML performs and AWXML works with all Avanté releases. The $7,500 price includes all integration services even if you have customization.

The screen below illustrate the flow of AWXML (Click Here to setup a demonstration)
AdvancedWare provides Solutions for Epicor's Avanté ERP System including Real-Time
                   XML Transactions

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