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AdvancedWare Presents AWInternational for Avanté
AWInternational will enable your company to generate documents from your Avanté System in any language that your business needs. Included with AWInternational are the translation screens and form output routines so that Purchase Orders, Invoices, Sales Orders, etc can be generated in Chinese, Vietnamese, or any other language required. And guess what - it's flexible and easy to use.

$7,500 Turnkey Price - Complete Solution:
For the turnkey price of $7,500 AWInternational includes all software and services for your company to be up and running live. There is no limit on the number of forms and AWInternational works with all Avanté releases. The $7,500 price includes all integration services and training including adapting to any customization.

Here is an example of a PO form in Chinese (Click Here to setup a demonstration)
AdvancedWare provides Solutions for Epicor's Avante ERP System including
          Electronic Forms in Multiple Languages including Chinese, Vietnamese, etc

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