AWmShipping for Epicor 9

Price: $8,500

Mobile Barcode Shipping Application for Epicor 9

AWmShipping enables your company to use a Wireless Mobile Device to efficiently pick the products for shipment to your customers. And best of all, the transactions in your Epicor 9 system are performed by AWmShipping automatically and in Real-Time. Using a graphical interface on the Wireless Device, picking the products to be shipped is handled through these simple steps:

1. The Wireless Device will display a list of all open shipments and you can select one.
2. In Real-Time, AWmShipping will display from your Epicor 9 system the details of what needs to be picked. Note: The display will also show inventory quantities and the bin locations they reside in.
3. Simply enter (or scan) the actual quantities picked, and AWmShipping will automatically update your Epicor 9 system.

$8,500 Turnkey Price

For the price of $8,500, AWmShipping allows your company to perform shipment picking in the Epicor 9 system in Real-Time using a Wireless Mobile Device. And best of all, AWmShipping works with any release of Epicor 9, even if you have customization.

Display showing open shipments

Picklist 1234560-1 being picked

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