AWWebConfig for Epicor 9

Price: $16,500

Storefront Web Configurator Epicor 9

AWWebConfig enables your Customers, Distributors, Consumers, and even Employees (on behalf of a Customer) to purchase Configured Products via the Web. AWWebConfig is integrated with the Epicor 9 Configurator in Real-Time. Therefore, users via the Web, can click on Models (i.e., setup in Epicor 9 as products that go through the configurator) they would like to purchase. When they select one of these Models, AWWebConfig in Real-Time displays all of the Model Options (rules, pricing, screen prompts, etc) from the Epicor 9 configurator.

$16,500 Turnkey Price

For the turnkey price of $16,500 AWWebConfig is the perfect add on to AWWebStore to enable your Customers to purchase Configured Products via the Web. The $16,500 price includes all installation and integration services to have you up and running live.

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Configuring Software Options (Page 2)

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