AWValidateAddress for Epicor 9

Price: $3,500

Address Validation for Epicor 9

Features of AWValidateAddress

1 The AWValidateAddress solution will make sure you always enter a valid customer address into your Epicor 9 system.
2 Save Money – No more costly shipments being returned and having to be re-shipped due to invalid addresses.
3 Save Time – AWValidateAddress is fully automated with Epicor 9 and works in Real-Time. Your users don’t need to change anything because "behind the scenes" AWValidateAddress will automatically validate the Customer Addresses entered into Epicor 9. If there is any problem with the address entered the system will not only let the user know but it will display in the Epicor 9 screen the recommended changes to the address.
4 Increase Customer Service – With AWValidateAddress your Customer Service Level will increase because you will no longer have shipments returned causing delays to your customers. In today’s world, customers expect technology like this to get it right the 1st time!
5 AWValidateAddress works for addresses in the United States and Canada and there is nothing you have to load or maintain because it uses Web Services Technology.

$3,500 Turnkey Price

For the price of $3,500, AWValidateAddress includes everything needed for your company to be up and running live. We include the installation and setup of AWValidateAddress on your system and AWValidateAddress works with any release of Epicor 9, even if you have customization.

The screen below illustrates the flow of AWValidateAddress

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