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AdvancedWare Presents AWForms for DataFlo
DataFlo users can now say goodbye to the costs, hassles and functionality limitations of an outdated forms package. With AWForms from AdvancedWare you can easily email (both PDF & Word formats), archive, fax, print, and view on a PC screen any of your business forms. And because AWForms are created as Microsoft Word documents, making changes to the forms is a breeze.

Features of AWForms:
1. AWForms utilizes the printing engine in Microsoft Word so any printer works great. The graphics are crisp and clear and you can embed Images, Graphics, Barcodes (128, 39, 2D) anywhere in the form. AWForms easily handles both landscape and portrait style forms.

2. AWForms works great for Barcoded labels including all formats in 128, 39, 2 Dimensional, etc.

3. AWForms can also automatically email the forms as attachments in either PDF or Word formats.

4. AWForms will automatically archrive the document in PDF format so you will always have an electronic document available

5. Automatic faxing of the forms is simple and with AWForms and all faxes are logged giving you a complete history of what was faxed out. Users also get automatic notifications when the faxes are sent.

$6,500 Turnkey Price - Complete Solution:
For the turnkey price of $6,500 AWForms includes all software and services for your company to be up and running live. There is no limit on the number of forms and/or labels and AWForms works with all DataFlo releases. The $6,500 price includes all integration services and training including adapting to any customization.

Here is an example of a form (Click Here to setup a demonstration)
AdvancedWare provides Solutions for Epicor's DataFlo ERP System including an
                  Electronic Forms Solution

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